Independent International Artist From Amsterdam Roots Suriname better known as Greazy Stacks management production of his own tracks and videos start his own entertainment label named GS Extraentertainment & Merchandise more about the merchandise you can find on the website:


Different style of music international movement

English&Dutch Music audio&Videos on YouTube with different artist songs on spotify deezer iTunes and many more platforms Dutch Hiphop Trap R&B Caribbean music Dance hall and many more Check the website for the latest updates of Greazy Stacks

www.greazystacks.com product of GS Extra Entertainment

Website: www.gsextraclothing.nl

Instagram: gsextraclothing

Instagram: greazystacks

Snapchat: lv_007

Facebook: Greazy Stacks

YouTube channel : https://youtu.be/LfokxrIdWYs

Special thanks

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